Software Freedom Day celebrations and Debian

Right now, in many parts of the world, people are celebrating the Software Freedom Day 2012. The Debian project as well is participating to some of these events with talks, demos and partying.

In particular, you can find our project members actively involved in different locations and activies, among which:

Brazil – Novo Hamburgo, RS

  • BASH for sysadmins
  • What is the Debian Project?
  • ZFS: quick presentation for sysadmins.

Italy – Quiliano, SV

  • Introduction to the Debian Project

UK – Rugby

A series of hands-on live demonstrations, including:

  • Linux-based machines running Debian or Debian-derived distributions
  • FreedomBox for visitors to check out
  • Raspberry Pi machines running Raspbian, used to help local children and parents learn Scratch

Personally, right now I’m celebrating in Italy, attending a talk by the famous kernel hacker Alessandro Rubini (a really great speech about our freedom and how software impacts it).

Cheers from the Italian Riviera!

Software Freedom Day celebrations and Debian