Gmail MX over IPv6

It looks like even is now advertising SMTP over IPv6:

lucab@galatea:~$ dig mx
;            IN    MX

;; ANSWER SECTION:        408    IN    MX    10        408    IN    MX    20        408    IN    MX    5        408    IN    MX    40        408    IN    MX    30

lucab@galatea:~$ dig any
; IN    ANY

;; ANSWER SECTION: 259 IN    AAAA    2a00:1450:8005::1a 205 IN    A

Looking at my mailserver logs, only inbound so far.

Gmail MX over IPv6

Wireshark IPv6 DNS support (via libadns)

In the end, I get really bored by wireshark loudly complaining about my default IPv6 nameserver and its inability to use that annoyed me, so finally last week I’ve found some time to fix #384372 directly in libadns.
Wireshark (and all other applications using libadns as their asynchronous resolver) would now be able to query IPv6 capable nameservers and handle AAAA as well as PTR queries (Niels Möller already worked it).
Here’s below a live-action screenshot from my IPv6 tunneled worstation (and thanks SixXS for it):

Sid packages are available for testing on both i386 and amd64, so go and try it! (patch and git repository available too).
I hope it will get merged upstream and in unstable soon.

P.S. unfortunately the same day I finished this patch, wireshark upstream decided to switch to c-ares library, which seems to suffer of a similar/weirder issue. Previous versions of wireshark (< 1.2.0) will work like a charm with adns (beware of several CVE recently fixed), and newest ones can be safely built with –without-c-ares (falling back to libadns). I’ll probably spend some time on it too, soon…

Wireshark IPv6 DNS support (via libadns)