Too many gurus spoil the plug

Being a rather patient and peaceful guy, I acknowledge that perfection is a difficult goal and I rarely rant publicly about troubles I’ve stumbled upon.
Today however, I feel I have to wholeheartedly agree with Bernd about Guruplug: it has been a waste of money.

I received mine in May, with the order placed and payed in February. First thing noticed is the issue with the power supply: I really think they forgot QA testing on these machines, as my PSU (and many others, just skim through the official forum) blew up just an hour after power-up.

I wasn’t lucky enough to admire over-heating and internal (mis-)cooling, as it went immediately through GlobalScale sales department for a RMA under warranty.

And then I waited for GlobalScale, for an actually working unit. And still I am, it’s almost September now. Patiently waiting (hoping, I’d say) for some answers.

I’m not sure who to blame here, Marvell, GlobalScale or both, for this issues with regards to QA, design and sales. But I’m quite sure the final result has been already perfectly described: a major fail.

Too many gurus spoil the plug