A journey through MSP430 and mspgcc

NOTE: Work in progress, some posts may still be missing

This the (not-yet) complete summary of a series of articles related to MSP430 MCU family and GNU/Linux.
The aim of these posts is to give an overview of the msp430 history and status with regard to a free (as in speech) tool-chain.
These articles were written in the last quarter of 2011, after the first official release of a free GCC-based MSP430 tool-chain.

This series is not intended as a tutorial on msp430 programming, and does not cover proprietary tools or tool-chain for other OSes.
If you are looking for help on these other topics or for additional details not provided in these posts, you can dig the TI msp430 official page or the 43oh community site.

The GNU/Linux and MSP430 series is composed by the following posts:

  1. Intro to TI MSP430 and Launchpad: a low-power embedded MCU
  2. How to have fun with MSP430 and GNU/Linux
  3. MSPGCC: uniarch and the bright future
  4. mspdebug: MSP430 programming and debugging


A journey through MSP430 and mspgcc

6 pensieri su “A journey through MSP430 and mspgcc

  1. locutusofborg1 ha detto:

    Thanks Luca for your packaging, I hope this will so useful for hour master thesis!

    Gianfranco Locutus Costamagna & Daniele Cloralio 🙂

  2. You’re welcome (and in bocca al lupo ;).
    This post series is still not written, but newer packages are currrently being upload to experimental and unstable. They’ll probably reach Ubuntu too, soon.


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