Uzbl in Debian

After some delay, uzbl is now available in Debian (testing and unstable). Uzbl is a webkit based browser which aims to adhere to the Unix philosophy of having programs that do one thing and do it well; as such, it comes with a main binary (uzbl-core), acting as the real web-renderer, which is controllable by third-parties via standard fifo’s and sockets. The package also bundle some external helper scripts for daily web-surfing (ie. handling history, bookmarks, cookies, etc.) and a ready-to-user wrapper (uzbl-browser) to help setting up the environment, using the default config.
As a standalone browser, it may look quite similar to vimperator (default key-bindings and interface are strongly vim-like), but overall it offers a more powerful and completely reconfigurable user-interface, can be fully scripted and hooked with self-made helpers and is even embeddable in other applications (eg. Emacs). Nonetheless, it brings all the power of a fully fledged webkit renderer.

You may find it particularly useful when working within a tiling window manager (like awesome or xmonad), or used as a full-screen remote monitor, easily controllable via socket (you should really try socat with it!) or plain-text fifo (for a bunch of stats, as easy as a `echo "uri" > /tmp/uzbl_fifo_your-instance`)

Uzbl in Debian

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