Inkscape 0.47 (tentative) release plan and about-screen contest

Time has come again for a new shiny release of Inkscape, namely 0.47
So Scislac recently published a raw release plan, and we’ve already entered the soft freeze period. The stable release is currently due for middle of June, but right now it’s a too early stage to fix it on a calendar…

Meanwhile, we’re running the usual about-screen contest, hosted once again at DeviantArt. The contest will be running till May 25th… so start working on your sumission right now and have the opportunity to let your signature on this marvelous release! Be sure to check the rules for it first…

Still a lot of work has to be done, so if you’re a bug-hunter (win and and OSX much appreciated), a translator or a documentation writer, feel free to get in touch with the inkscape community and help us make another great release.

Inkscape 0.47 (tentative) release plan and about-screen contest

2 pensieri su “Inkscape 0.47 (tentative) release plan and about-screen contest

  1. foo ha detto:

    This entry in the release plan is worrying, it sounds like inkscape has QA issues, there should at the very least be some continuous integration going on, like a buildbot instance building every single commit on the development branch.

    “Identify ‘make distcheck’ issues”

    Also, eew launchpad.

  2. You know, this isn’t a perfect world.
    With a quite large codebase and many contributors, something not-so-clean may always slip in and go unnoticed for some time. So, definitively this is a good time to check them all and focus on (too often neglected) QA details…

    And yes, some buildbots could be desirable for this and many other details, but unfortunately not there yet…


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