Rebootless Linux kernel security updates

Some of you may have already read of ksplice, a recently announced hot-patching system for Linux kernels. Given the actual kernel source tree and a security patch to be applied (which shouldn’t include semantic changes), it can build a kernel module with the fix which would introduce a trampoline to the bug-fixed object. The mechanism, along with other limitations, is described more deeply in the accompanying paper.

An RFP was reported a couple of days ago, for which I’ve put an initial rough packaging under collab-maint with git (both source package and i386 binary are already available). All the things are still a bit unripe, thus before allowing it into unstable I’d like to find a co-maintainer (preferably with a good kernel knowledge 🙂 ). So, if you found it useful and want to help, feel free to drop me a note.

Rebootless Linux kernel security updates


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