Subversion doesn’t handle 302 Redirection

Yep, you read it right… You can’t have svn following a “302 Found” HTTP redirection.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon checking apache configuration on amphitrite in search of mistake, because doing a svn checkout on http:// (which should be then redirected to https:// for authentication) I only got an error like this:

luca@thetis:~$ svn co
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/'
svn: PROPFIND of '/': 302 Found (

Then I start doubting if it was svn fault, and talking in IRC with an upstream developer, I get the confirm:

<kaeso> just a simple question: does the svn client handle "302 Found" redirection?
<kaeso> the error I got is normal, or is a misconfiguration on my side?
<rooneg> svn doesn't currently handle redirects at all, you just get an error code

Subversion doesn’t handle 302 Redirection

Un pensiero su “Subversion doesn’t handle 302 Redirection

  1. Dan Mattsson ha detto:

    I learnt that most of the time this occurs it is because a custom error handler is in place, you PROPFIND to see if a file is there before adding it. When it’s not found you get a 302 REDIRECT instead of 404 MISSING, the latter then indicating that the file is new.

    I spent an entire day before ralizing that I hade to set “ErrorHandler 404 default” for the /svn dir in my install…


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